Chromatic Cycle Advertisement Project


Since the circle is relatively unknown, I’ve started this project to spread the word. All we need is input. =D

-Kenji-B (nostraightanswer)


9 Members!

I’ll be honest, this is quite the crew we’ve got here. Kind of small, but good enough for plenty of projects.

Keep encouraging people to join, we need all the help we can get!

– Kenji-B

So, uh, that was supposed to be 9 members, not 8. I forgot to add Blaze. Sorry!

~ Halo

Forums up and running!

Here it is:

Go ahead and register, and go ahead and post in the introductions section. Don’t forget to PM me or Halo some information for your member page on this website. (Check out Halo’s or my page to see the proper format.)


Hello world!

We are Chromatic Cycle Doujinshi Works.

CC is a group created to help combat the lack of originality in the general UTAU community. Although we may focus on our Music, we have plenty of places for people who feel uncomfortable in the realm of original songs.
PVs, Doujinshi (Fan Comics), Illustrations, Choruses… The list goes on.
The aim is to co-operate and collaborate, so have fun!

The forums should be up soon. I’m just slow today.